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When credit repair has become too time consuming and cumbersome for you to stay on top of the constant changes in your credit reporting....Consider this...!!!! First Sterling Management is a reputable credit restoration service provider that is geared to position your personal credit to help you maximize your financial power. When your ready to purchase a home or start a small business. Let us take you through how our system works; we initially collect your credit reports from 3 of the highlighted bureaus and analyze them thoroughly; if there's any false or unverifiable information. We question and challenge the bureau's credit image of you and help you rebuild it utilizing the Fair Credit Reporting Act, Uniform Commercial Code, Fair Debt Collection Act, and any other applying State and local laws with your limited power of attorney. We have relationships with financial institutions of all kinds which enables us to have a deeper insight on how to qualify for financial products of all sorts to help you gain the advantage in the build or rebuild stages. Moreover, we don't leave your side until your credit is fully repaired, and built to it's maximum potential. Tell us your financial goals and let's get started on mapping out your credit's future.

• Credit Restoration

  • Restoration of bad credit
  • Deletion of collections
  • Removing closed accounts
  • Correction of personal information
  • Bankruptcy removal
  • Student loans
  • Child support
  • Inquiries
  • Education of all 3 credit reports and dispute/ growth hacks
  • Legal Support Services 


• Credit Accelerator

    We know to how to help you get approved with.....

    • Effective Personal Credit Planning 
    • Revolving & Instalment Tradelines
    • Department Store Cards
    • Home and Auto loans
    • Personal Loans
    • Apartments & Furniture
    • Lines of Credit
    • Credit Hacks
    • Credit Card Spending Hacks
    • Credit Card Growth Hack


    Capital Solutions is the financial gateway which we provide our clients to obtain various forms of capital. Do you need equipment, a larger staff, advertising, or liquidity? We have a team of experts in the fields of corporate finance, personal and business credit, real estate, logistics, technology, retail, and import/export industries. There to aid your small business in the process of understanding and applying the most effective financial resources for your needs. We have helped companies with bridge loans, start-up capital, operational expansion, new business development, vertical and horizonal scaling, leveraged buy out and even reverse mergers. Available capital is the bloodline for any business. Be it creating solutions for cash flow or increasing your total assets allocation and or value. FSM is there to help you obtain the best advantage to compete.

    • Capital Builder

    Business credit building and funding program

    • Vendor accounts
    • Retail accounts
    • Business credit cards
    • Equipment financing
    • Lines of credit


    • Loan Connector

    Connecting Personal & Business clients to desired loan products:

    • Home
    • Car
    • Small Business
    • Personal Cash
    • Consolidating
    • Balance Transfer (new credit cards & credit limit increase)
    • Equipment loan & lines of credit
    • Merchant loans
    • PPP Loans
    • Truck/ Commercial vehicle loans
    • Apartments
    • Private banks/ Investors loans
    • Hard Money Loans
    • Brokerage account margins
    • Commercial real estate loans

    We aspire and we dream big! Our goals in life is what wakes us up every morning to KEEP GOING! At times of discouragement we can find ourselves falling off track very easily. This is why we feel the need to be available with our entrepreneurial coaching and consulting backed with years of experience, we aim to keep you honest to those goals by helping you formulate a plan of action. Unlike Financial Advisors we do not sell you financial products then send you on your way. We believe inspiration should be your guide. We simply want to give our expertise, provide smart strategies, diverse perspectives, and comprehensive advice that delivers result-driven solutions for you. We have worked with individuals, businesses, and organizations to help them set a direction towards achieving their dream goals. We don't stop them from setting primary goals; instead, we help them get to it. Our consulting services for projects include remediation, business risk management, regulatory compliance, contract compliance, and litigation referral, among others in the industry. The competition is vast and sturdy out there, trust only the best. Fist Sterling Management

    • Credit Coaching & Funding Hacks

    • Creating your own credit repair business
    • How to start a tradeline & funding business
    • Funding for Start-Ups & Business expansion 
    • Explanation to each stage of credit building
    • Personal and Business credit hacks
    • How to hide debt utilization
    • What underwriters are looking for
    • How to make money and utilize the points from your credit cards (Hacks)
    • How this effects your taxes
    • Introduction to infinite banking

    Price includes 10% of total funding 


    • Entrepreneurial Development/ Mentoring

    • Personal and Business Development
    • Entrepreneurial & Funding Course included
    • Direct contact to an FSM Managing Director
    • Invited into investment opportunities with First Sterling Management LLC & any of its strategic partners. 
    • Facebook Group access 
    • Exclusive offers and presentation before any other members


    Generally, many parents are encouraged to add their children to their credit cards as authorized users to get them off to a good start. Unfortunately, not everyone has a good parent. Our tradeline product will help you  reduces this inequality by providing you the opportunity leverage existing methods that allows you to have more authorized user tradelines.